"Look Before You Leap"

I have had some situations that I should have known this quote, “look before you leap.” One of them is when I was 5. I was running to the bathroom and I tripped, because my little sister’s toys where there, and split my cheek open. I went to the hospital where I got 12-18 stitches, I think. In that story I should have looked before I ran.
But that is not the only story I have. This one relates more than that one before it, I think. This day started off like any normal Tuesday, except 2 things: Daddy and my sister were in the beautiful California and something was going to happen to me. I was emptying the dishwasher and I had a question for Mommy and she was on the phone. And while I waited I decided to challenge myself by leaping over the laundry pile with a glass cup in my hand. I leapt over and glass was everywhere. We quickly went to the hospital and thankfully I had no stitches, only wrapped my hand up with some wrap. I was 6. In that story I should have looked to see how big the pile of laundry was first.
Then there is my last story. This time I was 9 and boy did I like fire. We were playing a game that we liked to play. We would put a bunch of leaves in the fire and let the flames burn up really big. So I was doing that and suddenly I tripped on a root and fell right into the fire. Thankfully, my aunt, who is a hand doctor, sent me some things to help and I am fine now. So what I think that means is you should look and see if it is a safe thing to do or not before you do it. -Caleb, South Carolina

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